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Cat no. FAN335.1
Track Listings
1. Black Talk
2. The Mighty Burner
3. Here Comes Charlie
4. Aquarius
5. More Today than Yesterday

Formidably talented organist Charles Earland converted the Beatles' 'Eleanor Rigby' into an anthem called 'Black Talk' and came up with one of the huge soul-jazz hits of the early seventies. In this album, Earland worked the same magic with two other pop songs, 'Aquarius' and 'More Today than Yesterday,' giving them the urgency and forward movement of R&B but managing to inject them with jazz values. He was greatly aided by a pair of soloists trumpeter Virgil Jones and tenor saxophonist Houston Person who added fuel to Earland's fiery concept. Guitarist Melvin Sparks and the late quintessential soul jazz drummer Idris Muhammad helped keep the blaze going. It is not coincidence that his blues composition, and Earland himself, were called 'The Mighty Burner.' Black Talk! went on to become an enormous hit, spending most of 1970 on the best-seller charts. Essential listening for all fans of soul-jazz and a true best-of-genre recording.