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CeLine Rudolph - Pearls Vinyl LP Vinyl LP 2020

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Cat no. OB270192
Track Listing

1. Pearls
2. On The Way
3. La Caravane
4. Be With You
5. C'est Un Love Song
6. Where Shall I Go
7. I'm Old Fashioned
8. O Silencio Das Estrelas
9. In Between
10. Aumbaeleo
11. Le Vent Du Nord
12. Song From The In-Between
13. L'ascenseur Pour L'equinoxe
14. Dim Lights

Céline Rudolph - "a jewel of European jazz singing", with her eighth album "Pearls" now on Vinyl!

Pearls - the mere word can reel off a movie in our imagination. Depending on character or experience, this feature may turn out to be a drama, a comedy or the documentary of a passionate affair. One of us thinks of pearls as jewelry, another may be reminded of a particularly tropical deep sea dive, a third, who may just happen to be a biologist, of the calcareous concretions of a shelled mollusk. The fact that Céline Rudolph, herself "a jewel of European jazz vocals" according to the French radio station TSF, most likely thinks of the poetic and philosophical aspects of "Pearls", is made clear in the title track of her new album, her eighth long-player overall. She sings gently and sensually of the pearls that inhabit her mind, calling them souvenirs that she carefully preserves - in subtly layered harmonies, strong verses or exciting improvisations. Typical of the sound of the whole album are the sparkles of the Wurlitzer and the warm Fender Rhodes, the energetic drums and the earthy bass lines, plus the acoustic guitar, Céline's instrument of choice ever since her childhood.