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Cat no. JIV778107.1
Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. 74 Years Young
2. Thank Me Someday
3. On the Road
4. Stay Around a Little Longer
5. Key Don't Fit
6. Living Proof
7. Where the Blues Begins
8. Too Soon
Disc: 2
1. Everybody's Got to Go
2. Let the Door Knob Hit Ya
3. Guess What
4. Skanky

Living Proof is Buddy Guy's 26th studio album. After nearly fifty years in the music business, this was Buddy's highest charting album ever (until the release of Rhythm & Blues in 2013), peaking at #46 on the main Billboard album chart. The album loosely follows the progression of Buddy Guy's life. "Living Proof was designed partially as an aural autobiography from the legendary Buddy Guy, opening up with the stark summation "74 Years Young," then running through songs that often address some aspect of a working musician's life."