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Bonobo - Black Sands Vinyl LP Red Colour 2020

Cat no. ZEN140X
10th Anniversary Limited Edition Red Vinyl

Track Listing:

1. Prelude
2. Kiara
3. Kong
4. Eyesdown
5. El Toro
6. We Could Forever
7. 1009
8. All In Forms
9. The Keeper
10. Stay The Same
11. Animals
12. Black Sands

Bonobo has announced a 10th anniversary edition of 'Black Sands,' marking a decade since the release of producer and multi-instrumentalist Simon Green's celebrated breakthrough record. The album captured a unique moment - it was adored by critics, being placed in Resident Advisor's and DJ Magazine's Albums of the Year charts and also by fans, selling over four-hundred thousand copies worldwide so far. Influenced by the divergent, bass-driven strands of the UK electronic music scene at that time, Green artfully fitted those evolving sounds into his own wider vision. The record's lasting importance stems from the depth that he found in those combinations, rattling two-step rhythms and heavy pressure sub-bass twinned with carefully crafted songwriting and lush, brightly-realised instrumentation.