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Bonnie Prince Billy - I Made A Place Vinyl LP Indies Red 2019

Cat no. WIGLP465X
Track Listing

1. Beast For Thee
2. Down In The Willow Garden
3. New Partner
4. Underneath The Floorboards
5. One With The Birds
6. When Thy Song
7. Banks Of Red Roses
8. Stay On It

Bonnie Prince Billy is the man who is destined to sing a darkness for the rest of time - but not now. Not today. For I Made a Place, his first album of new songs since 2011, he is bringing the lightness to new - and next-generations as well as his longtime friends and fans. It's a message we dearly need. With a hometown band supplying him the space to be as spare or as expansive as he needs to be, Bonny draws inspiration from a world-spanning set of musics, aiming to lift us up with songs meant to inspire, inform, lend confidence and bring warmth to assailed tribes everywhere. A depth of musical joy as only the Prince can deliver!

Transparent Red. Heavyweight Vinyl with Poster.