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Blick Bassy 1958 Vinyl LP New 2019

Blick Bassy 1958 Vinyl LP New 2019

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Track Listing

Side A
1. Ngwa
2. Ngui Yi
3. Kundè
4. Woni
5. Mpodol
6. Lipém

Side B
1. Sango Ngando
2. Maqui
3. Pochë
4. Bès Na Wé
5. Where We Go
6. Where We Go

Imagine an African artist with the tenderly subversive touch of Bon Iver, the haunting falsetto of Skip James, the razor-like mind of Akala, and the inventiveness of Moses Sumney. You’ve just imagined Blick Bassy. In the slipstream of his acclaimed album Ako 776;, Blick Bassy delivers "1958", a defiant tribute to the heroes who fought and died for the independence of his native Cameroun. Its focus is specific, but its themes - the bondage of neo- colonialism, the need for heroes, the relevance of history and the search for true identity - are universal. An album to thaw the heart and sharpen the mind.