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BLACK MOTH Anatomical Venus LP Marbeled Vinyl NEW 2018

Sold out
Cat no. CANDLE787019


Sisters Of The Stone
Buried Hoards
Severed Grace
A Lovers Hate
Screen Queen
A Thousand Arrows
Pig Man

Vinyl format is marbled vinyl, and includes a poster.
This 10-track affair sees the Leeds / London outfit further honing the various elements of their sound to make the hooks more barbed and the focus more collective… What’s for sure is that ‘Anatomical Venus’ is the heaviest Black Moth album to date, taking the signature Mothic sound – a dark and heady swirl of garage rock, mind-blowin’ psychedelia and amplified over-drive – down a more targetted path, effectively opening a new chapter in a career that stretches back to an inaugural single in 2010 and a debut album in 2012. With ‘Anatomical Venus’, Black Moth are forging their own path, both musically and conceptually. The album’s name and central theme, inspired by the 18th century wax models of the female form employed by male surgeons to learn their craft, provides a strong platform for both the artwork and the lyrics, allowing singer Harriet Hyde to take command and truly find her voice…