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Big Star - #1 Record Vinyl LP Purple Colour 2020

Cat no. 7219514

Limited Edition Purple Colour Vinyl

Track Listing

  1. Feel
  2. The Ballad Of El Goodo
  3. In The Street
  4. Thirteen
  5. Don'T Lie To Me
  6. The India Song
  7. When My Baby'S Beside Me
  8. My Life Is Right
  9. Give Me Another Chance
  10. Try Again
  11. Watch The Sunrise
  12. St 100/6

Big Star can be ranked alongside the velvet underground and the sex pistols as one of the major inspirations for the indie and alternative rock movements. the group's first two albums, have influenced everyone from rem to teenage fanclub to the replacements to nirvana. their debut, '#1 record', combined the melodiousness and perfectly arranged feel of the mid-period beatles with the raw rock kick of the early kinks and the jangly country-rock beauty of the byrds. 'feel,' 'don't lie to me,' and 'when my baby's beside me' feature stinging guitar licks, punchy rhythms, and hooks galore, and sound like someone discovering rock and roll for the first time. alex chilton's 'give me another chance' and chris bell's 'try again,' on the other hand, are acoustic ballads with exquisitely beautiful, layered harmonies. chilton's '13' and 'the ballad of el goodo' are bright, unforgettable paeans to innocence.