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Beth Hart Live at the Royal Albert Hall Triple Vinyl LP New 2018

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 0819873017653
Track Listing:

Side A
1. As Long As I Have A Song (Live)
2. For My Friends (Live)
3. Lifts You Up (Live)
4. Close To My Fire (Live)
5. Bang Bang Boom Boom (Live)

Side B
1. Good As It Gets (Live)
2. Spirit Of God (Live)
3. Baddest Blues (Live)
4. Sister Heroine (Live)

Side C
1. Baby Shot Me Down (Live)
2. Waterfalls (Live)
3. Your Heart Is As Black As Night (Live)
4. Saved (Live)

Side D
1. The Ugliest House On The Block (Live)
2. Spiders In My Bed (Live)
3. Take It Easy On Me (Live)

Side E
1. Leave The Light On (Live)
2. Mama This One's For You (Live)
3. My California (Live)
4. Trouble (Live)

Side F
1. Love Is A Lie (Live)
2. Picture In A Frame (Live)
3. Caught Out In The Rain (Live)