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Bentley Rhythm Ace 21st Anniversary Edition Vinyl LP New 2018

Cat no. DYI021LP

Track Listing:

Side A
  1. Let There Be Flutes
  2. Midlander
  3. Why Is a Frog Too..?
  4. Mind That Gap
  5. Run On the Spot
  6. Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out!

Side B
  1. Ragtopskodacarchase
  2. Whoosh
  3. Who Put the Bom in the Bom Bom Diddleye Bom
  4. Spacehopper
  5. Return of the Hardcore Jumble Carbootechnodisco Roadshow
  6. On Her Majesty's Secret Whistle
  7. Spy Who Loved Moos