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BENNY GREB Grebfruit 2 LP Vinyl NEW White

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Passion, creativity and control are the key to Benny Grebs status as one of Germany's leading drummers in recent years. Highly in demand as a sideman, well respected and successful as a teacher in clinics and drum camps, as well as with his own projects like the trio "Moving Parts", he has been rewarded several awards like the "Jazz Echo 2016" and "best clinician in the world" for three consecutive years by the American "Drum Magazine". Though what experts, colleagues and listeners appreciate most about his work is his impeccable sense of Groove and his natural musicality. With his latest longplayer, Greb draws a line back to the very special groove-scapes of his very first release, "Grebfuit 1", dating back to 2005. "At the time, this combination of a-cappella sounds and drums was an experiment which turned out to be congenial and kind of magical", Greb recalls. Now, twelve years later, Benny Greb picks up on this daring concept and informs it with all the experience as a musician, composer and producer he has gathered since. At the same time it is for him a reminiscence to some of his earliest musical experiences, when as a youth he recorded cassette tapes of a-cappella-arrangements, fascinated by the sounds and rhythms of the human voice. This same playful experimentation with vocal possibilities lies at the root of "Grebfruit 2", where they are structured and put into form to become equal partners to the complex, but always groovy drum arrangements – surprising and bound to draw the listener into new muscial dimensions. While "Grebfruit 1" essentially was an a-capella-quintet accompanied by drums, the music now, Greb says, has become "more modern and fulminant". It goes far beyond what one might expect of a-cappella-arrangements in any genre and at times uses up to 70 voices, resulting in a stunning density of sound and playful complexity, which at the same time never loses out on accessible clarity. With Sven Peks as co-producer at Greb's side the album was recorded in countless and at times ecstatic night-sessions. Together they turned their focus at balancing and netting the percussive and vocal sounds – here Peks' experience and finesse helped adjusting some of the perhaps all to exuberant creative excursions. "The final sound mixes drums & vocals perfectly and equally, just as we had intended", Benny Greb states. Listening to the album becomes a fascinating ride through heavy drum-patterns, webs of vocals, arias, freaky sounds, pumping basses and mighty choirs. "Grebfruit 2" is not a typical solo-album. It is not what might be expected from a musician who is a drummer foremost – it is an engaging tour de force of a broad musical mind. While all tracks certainly have a very specific character and edge to them, even three cover versions are easily incorporated into its distinct soundscape, inviting the listener to repeated visits. All this seems to be summed up and symbolized by the albums artwork: Benny Greb may be able to sing with many a voice, but the source of this compelling sound-universe is just one mind in one head.