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Beatrice Dillon - Workaround Vinyl LP 2020

Cat no. PAN106

Track Listing:

1. Workaround One
2. Workaround Two
3. Workaround Three
4. Workaround Four
5. Workaround Five
6. Clouds Strum
7. Workaround Six
8. Workaround Seven
9. Workaround Eight 1
10. Workaround Nine 1
11. Square Fifths 1
12. Workaround Bass 1
13. Pause 1
14. Workaround Ten

Recorded over 2017-2019 between studios in London, Berlin and New York, 'Workaround' renders a hypnotic series of polymetric permutations at a fixed 150bpm tempo. Mixing meticulous FM synthesis and harmonics with crisply edited acoustic samples from a wide range of guests including UK Bhangra pioneer Kuljit Bhamra (tabla); Pharoah Sanders Band's Jonny Lam (pedal steel guitar); techno innovators Laurel Halo (synth/vocal) and Batu (samples); Senegalese Griot Kadialy Kouyaté (Kora), Hemlock's Untold and new music specialist Lucy Railton (cello); amongst others, Dillon deftly absorbs their distinct instrumental colours and melody into 14 bright and spacious computerised frameworks that suggest immersive, nuanced options for dancers, DJs and domestic play.