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BEAST IN BLACK Berseker LP Vinyl NEW 2017

Cat no. NB4215-1

Beast In Black
Blind And Frozen
Blood Of A Lion
Born Again
Zodd The Immortal
The Fifth Angel
Crazy, Mad, Insane
Eternal Fire
End Of The World
Ghost In The Rain

The metal world was in rage when Anton Kabanen parted ways with his former band Battle Beast back in 2015. “To put it simple : When one road ends, another one begins. Isn’t that so? We wanted different things and to do them in a different way . I’m living for the music and I will die for it. Period.” Anton comments on the split.

However, it didn’t take much time for Anton to rise from the abyss… Only a few months later, a new five-piece beast was born in Helsinki, the Beast in Black. Anton continues, “To me Battle Beast was just a beginning, my first vision and creation, and I’m actually happy to see how well it’s going for Battle Beast since what they are doing now derives from that vision, from the first three Battle Beast albums . But now it’s time to revive the original vision, make it stronger than ever, together with my comrades, with my brothers in arms in Beast In Black!”