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AYREON The Source LP Gatefold Double Vinyl NEW 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 0819873014522

1. The Day That The World Breaks Down
2. Sea Of Machines
3. Everybody Dies
4. Star Of Sirrah
5. All That Was
6. Run! Apocalypse! Run!
7. Condemned To Live

1. Aquatic Race
2. The Dream Dissolves
3. Deathcry Of A Race
4. Into The Ocean
5. Bay Of Dreams
6. Planet Y Is Alive!
7. The Source Will Flow
8. Journey To Forever
9. The Human Compulsion
10. March Of The Machines

Brand new album The Source explores the origins of the mythical Ayreon saga, while once again offering a stellar cast of singers and musicians. The singers on The Source include James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Tommy Karevik (Kamelot) and Tommy Rogers (Between The Buried And Me), with special guest instrumentalists including Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan and Marcel Coenen.

Gatefold double vinyl release.