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Ava Max - Heaven & Hell Vinyl LP Orange Transparent Colour 2020

Cat no. 0075678645914

Orange Transparent Colour Vinyl

Track Listing

2.Kings & Queens
5.OMG What’s Happening
6.Call Me Tonight
7.Born to the Night
9.Take You To Hell
10.Who’s Laughing Now
13.So Am I
15.Sweet But Psycho

Global pop sensation Ava Max has released her highly-anticipated debut album Heaven & Hell. The record features eight new tracks alongside her previously released hit singles “Sweet But Psycho,” “Who’s Laughing Now,” “So Am I,” “Salt” and “Kings & Queens,” the latter of which spent five weeks at #1 on European airplay and is currently #21 on Top 40 radio.

“Heaven & Hell represents light and dark, good and evil, and the devil and angel on your shoulder,” said Ava on the meaning behind the album. “I’m discussing the dualities of the challenges we face each day. Some songs have darkness; other songs are more positive. Heaven & Hell is the middle ground.”