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As It Is - The Great Depression Reimagined Vinyl LP Yellow 2020

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Cat no. FEAR00805
Track Listing

1. The Great Depression [Explicit] (Reimagined)
2. The Wounded World (Reimagined)
3. The Fire, The Dark (Reimagined)
4. The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry) (Reimagined)
5. The Handwritten Letter (Reimagined)
6. The Question, The Answer (Reimagined)
7. The Reaper (Reimagined)
8. The Two Tongues (Screaming Salvation) (Reimagined)
9. The Truth I'll Never Tell (Reimagined)
10. The Haunting (Reimagined)
11. The Hurt, The Hope (Reimagined)
12. The End. [Explicit] (Reimagined)

'The Great Depression: Reimagined' features alternative takes of the 2018 The Great Depression in full. Rock music, as anyone who has ever truly loved it will tell you, is something that stays in your veins and lives deep within your very core. As It Is (a band named in homage to modern melodic hardcore heroes Have Heart) have channelled the snarling spirit of post-hardcore in a manner that has pushed them far beyond their comfort zone, and will comprehensively shatter the narrow expectations of those who may have previously sought to pigeonhole them. The quartet with legendary producer Gene 'Machine' Freeman (Lamb Of God, Every Time I Die, Armor For Sleep) released 'The Great Depression' in 2018. A record based on un-swerving desire for true creative endeavour has resulted in a remarkable sonic re-invention and a momentous, singular achievement. No one ever made it to the very top by checking boxes and following the rules. And the top looks to be exactly where As It Is are headed.