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Art Of Noise Who's Afraid of the Art Of Noise? Who's Afraid Of Goodbye? Vinyl LP RSD 2021

Cat no. ZTDS24


1. A Time For Fear (Who's Afraid)
2. Beat Box (Diversion One)
3. Memento
4. How to Kill
5. Realisation
6. Who's Afraid Of (The Art of Noise)
7. Moments In Love
8. Snapshot
9. Close (To The Edit)
10. War
11. The Focus Of Satisfaction
12. Moments In Love
13. It Stopped!
14. The Uncertainty Of Syrup
15. The Long Hello
16. The Vacuum Divine
17. The Ambassador Reel
18. Goodbye Art Of Noise

A reissue of ‘Who’s Afraid of…?’, the debut album from pioneering British synth-pop act The Art of Noise, featuring Oscar and Grammy Award winning composer Anne Dudley and hugely successful producer Trevor Horn. ‘Who’s Afraid of..?’ was one of the first releases on the fledgling ZTT label in 1984 and has been unavailable on vinyl since it was repressed and repackaged in 1985.