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American Music Club - Mercury Vinyl LP Import 2014

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. PLAIN183LP

Track Listing

1. Gratitude Walks
2. If I Had A Hammer
3. Challenger
4. I've Been A Mess
5. Hollywood 4-5-92
6. What Godzilla Said To God When His Name Wasn't Found In The Book Of Life
7. Keep Me Around
8. Dallas Airports Bodybags
9. Apology For An Accident
10. Over And Done
11. Johnny Mathis' Feet
12. The Hopes And Dreams Of Heaven's 10,000 Whores
13. More Hopes And Dreams
14. Will You Find Me

Mercury is the sixth release by American Music Club and their major label debut on Reprise, originally released in 1993. Produced by Mitchell Froom and engineered by Tchad Blake (Crowded House, Los Lobos) featuring a subtle mix of pedal steel, electric guitar, and understated drumming supporting Mark Eitzel's lyrics laying out his personal tales of pain and desperation. Spin magazine voted Mercury the 14th best album of 1993. On 180 gram vinyl.