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Algiers There Is No Year Vinyl LP2020 Ltd Dinked Edition #34

Cat no. OLE1439LPXE

dinked edition : DINKED 34

  • Ultra-limited edition Dinked exclusive
  • Mirriboard sleeve with reversed colours
  • Gold coloured vinyl
  • Exclusive bonus 7” featuring ‘Void’ and ‘Can The Sub_Bass Speak?’
  • Hand-numbered

Algiers return in 2020 with their third album 'There Is No Year', which was released January 17th on Matador Records. 'There is No Year' solidifies and expands upon the doom-laden soul of their foundation, toward an even more epic, genre-reformatting sound, one somehow suspended in the amber of “a different era,” as described by guitarist Lee Tesche.


There Is No Year


Hour Of the Furnaces

Losing Is Ours



Wait For the Sound 

Repeating Night

We Can’t Be Found

Nothing Bloomed


  1. Void
  2. Can The Sub_Bass Speak?