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Albert Hammond JR - Momentary Masters Vinyl LP White Colour 2015

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Cat no. INFECT233LP

White Colour Vinyl


  1. Born Slippy
  2. Power Hungry
  3. Caught By My Shadow
  4. Coming To Getcha
  5. Losing Touch
  6. Don't Think Twice
  7. Razor's Edge
  8. Touché
  9. Drunched In Crumbs
  10. Side Boob

The Strokes member solo album from 2015

Momentary Masters may be concerned with the duality of the human condition, and the recognition that life with all its peaks, plateaus, and lows is a mere blip—“enjoy the weirdness, because it’s all so fleeting”—but ultimately, in these succinct rock songs Albert Hammond Jr has communicated something that will morph in meaning through time, both to himself and to those who are listening. Includes the singles ‘Born Slippy’ & ‘Losing Touch’.