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A Hard Days Night Treatment LP Vinyl & USB Stick NEW 2016

Sold out
Cat no. ECC100


A Hard Day’s Night
There’s A Place
Ticket To Ride
Norwegian Wood
Fixing A Hole

Mother Nature’s Son
I’ll Follow The Sun
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Golden Slumbers

USB Stick
Down By The Docks - Simon Emmerson
Hard Day’s Night - Fresh Handmade Collective, Rosie Doonan
Norwegian Wood - Sheema Mukherjee, The Imagined Village
Fixing A Hole - Eliza Carthy, The Imagined Village
Ticket To Ride - Martha Tilston, The Imagined Village
I’m Only Sleeping - Fresh Handmade Collective
Strawberry Fields - One Eskimo
Mother Nature’s Son - Kristian Leontiou, The Imagined Village
Blackbird - Marry Waterson
Sun King - Angie Pollock, Fresh Handmade Collective
Here Comes The Sun - Martha Tilston
Flying - The Space Cadets
I Want To Hold Your Hand - Stealing Sheep
I’ll Follow The Sun - Marry Waterson
There’s A Place - Jackie Oates, Simon Richmond
I Will - Palm Skin Productions
Golden Slumbers - Jackie Oates, Palm Skin Productions
Michelle - One Eskimo

The vinyl includes a full digital copy of the album as CD Quality .wav files plus a full length, live mp4 Video on a 1" square, foldable USB card/stick which can be found behing the enclosed information sheet.

Performed and arranged by the UK folk scene's finest this album dreamily reimagines some of the Fab Four's most famous works. Soar above your worries with this soundtrack of reworked Beatles songs aimed at restoring harmony in your life. Taking you from twilight to morning, the music is interwoven with natural soundscapes that together leave you feeling as if you've risen from a golden slumber revived and refreshed.

Inspired by the Fab Four, Liverpool and the iconic Hard Days Night Hotel, Simon Emmerson has gathered together a dream team of musicians from across the UK.

Featuring performances from Eliza Carthy, Martha Tilsdon, Jackies Oates, Sheema Mukherjee, Kristian Leontiou, Marry Waterson, Stealing Sheep, Barney Morse-Brown, Rosie Doonan & Angie Pollock this album sparkles with talent. 

Dreamy renditions of classic songs will soothe your soul and allow you to simply Let It Be.