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*Free UK Delivery over £75 or Collect from your nearest Assai Records

The Rah's The Common Ground Vinyl LP Signed Assai Obi Edition Pink Colour 2024

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Cat no. EH3205A
Assai Obi Edition
  • Assai Records Exclusive Japanese Inspired Obi*
  • Obi Signed by The Rah's
  • Limited to 200 copies*
  • Assai-Exclusive Pink Colour Vinyl
  • Hand-numbered*

 *Exclusive to Assai Records, limited to 1 copy per customer/address. No supply to resellers. Cancellation admin charge £5.00 to resellers.


1. Do I Need It?
2. I've Never Been Wrong
3. Blood For Gold
4. Intrusive Thoughts
5. Walk
6. Departure
7. Waiting For Tomorrow
8. Money Tree
9. Adopting Changes
10. When We Say Nothing
11. Out In Time
12. Crawling

With The Rah’s signature punch up of sharp, infectious guitar sounds and anthemic melodies this album unfolds into a series of hard hitting rock grooves and riled up electronic ballads, in patchwork of genres that gives a respectable nod to bluesy rock and 90’s hip hop.

Recorded at The Motor Museum, Liverpool with number one selling record producer Al Groves. This 12 track - larger than life composition promises an insight into the bands natural evolution from their successfully self released debut album ‘When Does It Become Real?’