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THE LORD OF THE RINGS Fellowship Of The Ring Complete Recordings 5LP Vinyl Box-Set NEW

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Cat no. 0081227932473


LP 1    
Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All
The Shire
Bag End
Very Old Friends
Flaming Red hair

Farewell Dear Bilbo
Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
A Conspiracy Unmasked
Three Is Company

LP 2 
The Passing Of The Elves
Saruman the White
A Shortcut to Mushrooms
The Nazgûl

The Caverns of Isengard
Give Up the Halfling
The Sword That Was Broken

LP 3
The Council of Elrond Assembles (Featuring “Aníron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen)” Composed & performed by Enya)
The Great Eye
Gilraen’s Memorial
The Pass of Caradhras

The Doors of Durin
Balin’s Tomb

LP 4
Caras Galadhon (Featuring “Lament for Gandalf” performed by Elizabeth Fraser)

The Mirror of Galadriel               
The Fighting Uruk-hai

LP 5
Parth Galen
The Departure of Boromir

The Road Goes Ever On… Pt. 1
May It Be Composed & performed by Enya
The Road Goes Ever On… Pt. 2 (Featuring “In Dreams” performed by Edward Ross)

Spec: Book Style Deluxe Box, featuring a Leather style spine with gold printing and Magnetic closure. Holding 5x 180g red LPs, in black polylined sleeves. Plus a 16 page booklet & 12”x12” map.


The Lord of the Rings is one of most successful trilogies in film history earning 17 Academy Awards including three for its music. Beyond critical acclaim, the music from the films also enjoyed wide commercial success, collectively selling 7 million copies. Directed by Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings films are based on the popular J.R.R. Tolkien novel of the same name.


For the very first time, the first soundtrack from the Trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring: The Complete Recordings will be available on vinyl as a 5LP boxed set. Housed in a collector’s box with red leather style spine, the collection is limited to 5,000 individually numbered copies worldwide on red vinyl. The box will also feature extensive liner notes from author Doug Adams who analyses many of the themes and motifs used throughout the score.


The music for all three films was composed, orchestrated and conducted by Howard Shore. The music he wrote for The Fellowship of the Ring was performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, with contributions by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the London Voices and the London Oratory School Schola. The soundtrack also highlights two original songs written and performed by Enya: “May It Be” and “Aníron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen).”

The Fellowship Of The Ring: The Complete Recordings is the first in a series of three releases that will also feature The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) on color vinyl for the first time. More information on the series of releases will be available at a later date.