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SPECTOR Moth Boys LP Vinyl & 7" Single included NEW 33RPM

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. SPECT17

Track Listings

12" LP

1. All the Sad Young Men

2. Stay High

3. Believe

4. Don't Make Me Try

5. Cocktail Party/Heads Interlude

6. Bad Boyfriend

7. Decade of Decay

8. Kyoto Garden

9. West End

10. Using

11. Lately It's You

7" Single

1. Reeperbahn

2. Difficult Phone Call


In an age in which seemingly every new guitar band collapses under the weight of the hype around their debut by bowing to label pressure and recording a sub-standard follow-up, it’s refreshing to hear a second effort as intelligently crafted as Moth Boys.

While it doesn’t represent an out-an-out reinvention for Spector, instead this feels like a lesson in the art of ‘the difficult second album’; it retains the best bits from debut Enjoy It While It Lasts - the soaring pop hooks, contemplative lyrics and sense of character - but makes subtle improvements that lead to a far better record than their first.

Spector's breakthrough was defined by comparisons to The Killers, and frontman Fred MacPherson's love for grandiose, sing-your-heart-out indie anthems is ever-present still. The record comes front-loaded with the band's best two songs to date in "All The Sad Young Men" and "Stay High". The former brings Smiths-like melancholy to the dancefloor before exploding into life on the kind of chorus you wish Brandon Flowers still wrote. The latter soars to even greater heights, with MacPherson delivering a one-man assault on the tedious nature of modern romance as he muses "where we're going we don't need roads / set menus or two-for-one codes / these are the ways that we show our love".