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Oasis Whats The Story Morning Glory Vinyl LP Ltd Silver Colour Edition 02/10/20

Cat no. RKIDLP73C

Please note this is a pre-order item due for release 2nd October 2020

Limited Silver Vinyl Edition to celebrate 25 years since release



1. Hello (Remastered)
2. Roll With It (Remastered)
3. Wonderwall (Remastered)

1. Don't Look Back In Anger (Remastered)
2. Hey Now! (Remastered)
3. [Untitled] (Remastered)
4. Bonehead's Bank Holiday (Remastered)

LP 2
1. Some Might Say (Remastered)
2. Cast No Shadow (Remastered)
3. She's Electric (Remastered)

1. Morning Glory (Remastered)
2. [Untitled] (Remastered)
3. Champagne Supernova (Remastered)