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Hamish Hawk & The New Outfit From Zero To One CD

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. ASSAI003CD

Release : ASSAI #3

Released 23rd March 2018.


1. Nomad
2. Snuff
3. Goldenacre
4. Epicurus
5. Blueprints
6. Dashing White Sergeant
7. (What A) Horrible Weekend
8. Catherine Opens A Window
9. Hubble Space Telescope
10. From Zero To One
Hamish Hawk is an Edinburgh-based songwriter. Hawk’s solo shows are a colorful and confident display of his wit, charm and sensitivity as a songwriter. A natural storyteller, Hawk leaves audiences unwavering in their loyalty. Offering so much of himself yet revealing so little, Hawk’s ability to surprise, enchant and bewilder at every turn has rendered him an endearing figure in the Scottish contemporary music scene. The versatility of Hawk’s songwriting becomes clear when it is performed alongside his four-piece backing band, The New Outfit, adding exuberance to the youthful charisma of a man wise beyond his years. The result is a strikingly fresh look at Scottish existence, in all of its grit and grandeur.