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Free UK Shipping over £50 - excludes Album + Ticket Bundles

Captain Beefheart Unconditionally Guaranteed Vinyl LP Clear Colour RSD 2021

Cat no. 3544585

Clear Colour Vinyl


  1. Upon The My-O-My
  2. Sugar Bowl
  3. New Electric Ride
  4. Magic Be
  5. Happy Love Song
  6. Full Moon, Hot Sun
  7. I Got Love On My Mind
  8. This Is The Day
  9. Lazy Music
  10. Peaches

Universally recognised as being the works of a true maverick genius, the canon of recordings by the late, great Captain Beefheart aka Don Van Vliet – often ably assisted by his Magic Band – rank amongst the most important and influential rock music ever created and continue to inform and influence musicians to this day whilst also garnering a following of new, young musically adventurous rock fans along the way.

Within these works the 1974 album “Unconditionally Guaranteed” is a true hidden gem which has been rightfully elevated to cult status over the years since its first appearance.