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Tokomonsta - Oasis Nocturno Double Vinyl LP Out 27/03/20

Tokomonsta - Oasis Nocturno Double Vinyl LP Out 27/03/20

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Track Listing:

1. Love That Never
2. One Day [Explicit]
3. Get Me Some
4. Renter's Anthem
5. Up and Out
6. Fried for the Night [Explicit]
7. Phases
8. Come and Go
9. To be Remote
10. House of Dal
11. Higher Hopes
12. For My Eternal, Oh Dream My Treasure

Over the last 10 years, Grammy-nominated producer/DJ TOKiMONSTA has made an indelible mark on electronic music and on pop culture at large. TOKi has paved a path for herself that's entirely unique, connecting dots across fashion, film and art along the way.

TOKi's journey and tribulations gained global attention after having starred in the season finale of the Vox-Netflix series 'Explained.' She was diagnosed with a rare, potentially fatal disease known as Moyamoya, leaving her after surgeries, unable to speak, create or even listen to music. Through perseverance and faith she's back to creating music with an unshakable sense of focus. After an astonishing recovery and monumental few years, TOKiMONSTA's last critically-acclaimed release, 'Lune Rouge,' was officially nominated for a Grammy Award as 2019's Electronic Album of the Year. "Oasis Noturno" is set to be her 10th release in ten years and is guaranteed to be her most impactful yet.