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Snoffeltoffs - Frohnau Vinyl LP Out 27/03/20

Snoffeltoffs - Frohnau Vinyl LP Out 27/03/20

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Track Listing:

1. The Beat
2. Two by Two
3. North of the Town
4. Summer Sneeze
5. Frohnau
6. Sugar Treatment
7. Sleepwalker
8. Modomomo
9. On Your Mind
10. Sleepy Desert Mattress

It has been five years since the youngsters Snøff and Tøff, were last seen together in public. After the success of their debut album Hokus Pokus it became quiet around the group. With good reason: inspired by encounters during a long tour, band member Florian was driven into the ambitious realms of politics. As self-proclaimed Jan Dark of Nordberlin, he campaigned for social issues in the regional election campaign. After eighteen months, however, he had to realize that not every drummer is a good parliamentarian - he returned to Prenzlauer Berg (the home of the Snøffeltøffs) in a tailor-made suit. But oh grey: singer and guitarist Julian was nowhere to be found.