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Liam Gallagher MTV Unplugged Limited Edition Vinyl LP Pre-Order 24/04/20

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Please note this pre-order item due for release 24th April 2020. (Date maybe subject to change)

Limited Edition 2 colour splatter vinyl.

Last summer Liam Gallagher joined the list of all-time greats (Paul McCartney, Page and Plant, Nirvana and many more) who have filmed a prestigious MTV Unplugged session which will now be available on limited and black vinyl editions


1. ‘Wall Of Glass’

2. ‘Some Might Say’

3. ‘Now That I Found You’

4. ‘One of Us’

5. ‘Stand By Me’

6. ‘Sad Song’

7. ‘Cast No Shadow’

8. ‘Once’

9. ‘Gone’

10. ‘Champagne Supernova’